March 25 2005

The video for Burning in the Bed on Fire has showed up on Fuse.

Login into your Fuse account and write in The Aeffect for "Oven Fresh".

You can get to Fuse here

October 04 2004

We are proud to present the video for Burning in the Bed on Fire, directed by Brent Chesanek. It is quicktime. Look for it on M2 soon.

You may get the mp3 file for Burning in the Bed on Fire here.

Pre-order for Secrets & Lies is up at Amazon, so do that here.

July 30 2004

The official release date for "secrets and lies" is officially October 19, 2004. Seriously. Official.

We have added an aeffect account at Look us up under music and add us as your friend. Do it.

July 11 2004

We are proud to announce the tracklisting for our upcoming record "Secrets and Lies."

1. Secrets
2. Multiplies
3. Complex Complications
4. Let Go
5. Burning in the Bed on Fire
6. Escaping
7. Unprepared
8. Round and Round
9. Can you Feel it?
10. Eyes Never Lie

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Our tentative release date is on October 5. We are releasing "Secrets and Lies" on our very own record label Hitchhiker Records. Check back for details on preordering "Secrets and Lies"

The website is currently under construction but we will post a link when it is up and running.

We have posted some new pictures check them out in the photo section.

The Aeffect has licensed 6 songs to MTV for use on The Osbournes, The Newlyweds, The Ashlee Simpson Show, and Trippin. We are very excited.

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June 9 2004

We apologize for the lack of updates in recent weeks. The Aeffect have been very busy putting in hundreds of hours into recording and finishing our upcoming record. It is literally all steve does from morning to night. We have pushed back the release of our record. But don't fret, it will definitely be worth the wait.

The Aeffect is filming a video for "Burning in the Bed on Fire." All of the shooting has been completed and it is now in post-production. It will be animated and it will be awesome.

Aaron has decided to go back to school for accounting. He is leaving the band. We will miss him and always love him. Brad and Steve will be carrying the torch, and Steve will be taking over on vocals full time.

February 22 2004

We have replaced our message board with our old guestbook. Our guestbook has been in hiding for the past year, so be sure to say hi. You can find our guestbook under the link for Board.

We will also be making a couple of improvements around the website over the next few weeks. Definitely check back for some exiting changes and some BIG news!

Thanks to everyone who contacted us recently because of our appearance on MTV Advance Warning! The response was overwhelming really, so we decided to put together a deal for all of you who have happened upon our website.

Here are the re-air times for Advance Warning as promised:

11/16 @9pm
11/17 @1pm
11/19 @2:30am
11/20 @8:30am
11/22 @7am
11/23 @2am

all above airings will appear on MTV2

So did you see us on MTV's "Advance Warning" Sunday night? If you missed it, try catching it November 16 @ 9pm on MTV2. Keep checking in for more airtimes. There will be more for sure.

Thanks a lot to all the people who made it out to our CMJ show. We definitely fed off the energy coming from the audience. So many of you traveled from so far away and it was definitely appreciated.

Our webmaster is genius.

Board is down until further notice.

We broke 20,000 plays at our site. Thanks for listening to our music.

Dying Wish has put together an ecard for the Jawbreaker comp we're on.

A piece from, posted by Adam from Jawbreaker:
JAWBREAKER TRIBUTE As many of you may know, "Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault Jawbreaker Tribute" came out on July 29. As far as tributes go, this one is actually good, if for no other reason than it's a tribute to our band, and I say this with zero irony and 100% humility. Not surprisingly, the standouts for me were the songs that deviated most from the originals. Duvall's "Busy" was my favorite. Sparta and the ¡£¢∞§ ¶ªºº ´® ?¨Ø Ø?“‘« Å?Î? ©" "˚ '(sorry) ffect had interesting and bizarre takes on "Kiss the Bottle" and "Boxcar," respectively. Most of the songs are hard, fast and relatively faithful versions of our "standards," and this didn't prevent me from smiling throughout this strange out-of-body listening experience. I would have enjoyed throwing a couple names in the band hat and liked to hear some of the earlier, more obscure songs tried on for size (though I was stoked to hear Dear You represented so strongly). Maybe if this sells they'll do a sequel "Bad Scene II: Electric Boogaloo"?!) and call me up for my list. Sincere thanks to the bands for showing up and Jake at Dying Wish for putting it together...

Five new photos are up, from our last show in Orlando.

Dying Wish Records put out their Jawbreaker tribute record. We covered "Boxcar" for the comp and its getting some good feedback.

We're still working on getting the mailing list back up.

Five of our songs are featured on 411 Productions' Europe 2002 Contest Series skateboarding video. More info at