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Interview by Travis Angst of
July 31, 2002


punkbeat: it's very refreshing to finally see bends who deserve it get recognized. speaking of refreshing, i noticed fbr had some showcases a couple months did those turn out?

aaron: errr. speaking of refreshing, refresh my memory. what showcases did we have? are you talking about the ltj shows? with recover and whippersnapper?

punkbeat: the shows with the stereo and the impossibles. in florida.

aaron: oh okay that was in october!

punkbeat: haha im a little behind.

aaron: a couple months ago to me is march ;-)

punkbeat: tell me about both of em tho, the ltj shows, and the showcases.

aaron: well i guess we'll do it chronologically. the fbr showcases were amazing. the turnouts were great and it was cool to get the "family" together. halloween in downtown orlando was nuts, rory played a song with jamie in tallahassee, recover played one of our songs, kevin from pollen partied on stage with the impossibles as buford. so nuts, so fun.

punkbeat: wow...i only wish i were there

aaron: the less than jake shows with recover and whippersnapper were also great. less than jake brings out so many kids and it was awesome that those kids got exposed to the wonders of recover and whippersnapper at the same time. it was obvious at those shows that we've got some really good bands and it's more about just getting the kids to hear or see them for the first time, then they're a fan for life.

punkbeat: exactly. as soon as i heard recover for the first time, i was hooked, and ive since let countless people in on the wonders of recover. speaking of which, you guys need to send some bands out to utah. we're drying up out here!

aaron: yeah summer should be pretty rich for the fbr bands. we're all trying to get out everywhere we can and hopefully we'll be able to send a bunch your way.

punkbeat: im counting on that! haha. so have you guys toured a lot? and as a side question, what is your favorite place to play?
aaron: we actually haven't got out to tour. we're trying to and you'd think that being on a label like fbr would help but it's not that simple. we're doing a lot of shows in state now and a few here and there out of state, but we need someone to take us out and since we havent been out before it won't be that big etc etc. its this whole big circular reasoning that it's hard to break. i love the social in orlando to play though. it used to be the sapphire supper club and every good act that comes through here plays the social.

punkbeat: rad. so i've got to ask you the most basic of all punkbeat questions. if you were a simpsons character, who would you be? and what is your favorite episode? tee-hee.

aaron: haha this is a tough one, i'm thinking it through.

punkbeat: heheh do it to it

aaron: i'd say im probably most like lisa from what i can tell. shes a musician, a vegetarian, does well in school, questions authority and religion, yet has a strong set of morals... still, i know my favorite episode is still the one where bart tries to jump the grand canyon on his skateboard. pretty old skool but still great.

punkbeat: hahah ohh rock aaron. thanks for the interview, and im excited to see what comes next for you. any last words?

aaron: thanks for the interview and punkbeat is seriously amazing i hope you, dook, kelly and the gang keep up the great work!

punkbeat: thanks so much!

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