Sunday, 07 July 2002 - 3:03:11 AM EST
GAINESVILLE, FL - The van is loaded and we leave in about 7 hours. See you soon.

Tuesday, 09 July 2002 - 11:52:30 PM EST
DRIVE TO LOS ANGELES - We are a band? Sorry. At this point, it's hard to remember what we're doing or why, but it's a hell of a story and we're only in our third day. This is my fifth day without sleep so perhaps what you read here is slightly warped. Let's run that highlight reel:

GAINESVILLE - Went to pick up the RV at 10:00AM to be on the road by 10:30AM. The girl renting to us is incompetent, calling her boss enough times during the transaction to just warrant the boss coming in to help personally. She assures us the foggy yellow liquid in the toilet (the one that smells and looks a lot like urine) is not urine, but "chemicals" they had used in cleaning.

Three minutes into our drive the table in the cabin breaks. Twelve minutes later, the wallpaper in the back bedroom starts peeling off. This is gonna rule. A broken toilet, fridge, light fixture, and shower later it becomes official that our new home does indeed rule.

NEW ORLEANS - Dinner at Steve's grandma's is amazing. People in New Orleans seem to know a lot about food. Steve's uncle is a little odd, but his aunt puts the uncle to shame and now Steve owns a silver dragon pendant with a crystal for protection. I'm not big on astrology, but this seemingly pays off down the road.

BEAUMONT, TX - Sweet! We're in Texas!

BOERNE, TX - Driving around the clock from Gainesville is starting to take its toll mentally. We found ourselves 25 miles off I-10 without any reason how or why. Tracking back to the interstate, Brad shuts his eyes for only a moment, but just long enough to move us from the left lane onto the grass median at a solid 70 mph. Things like that always happen so fast, but you can replay them in your mind "slo-mo" forever. Somehow we tilted but didn't flip. Somehow we just missed the large cement support column for the overpass, and somehow we wended up getting the mud to take our wheels and lock them into the ground 10 feet before the other side of I-10, barely avoiding the deathly result of kissing cars.

FREDRICKSBURG, TX - Theres a healthy shake to the camper now. We take it in and have the wheels balanced. They notice that the tread on one of that back tires is down to 5/32 and attmepts to \] it. However, our rental company insists that tires can only be changed out at 3/32. Don't forget we still have 14,000 miles to go over the next few weeks. Can you say imminent death?

BETWEEN SAN ANTONION AND EL PASO - Get us the fuck out of here. The roads suck all suck. They're not even wide enough for the house on wheels, and driving through El Paso is what I imagine it'd be like to descend into hell.

SONORA, TX - This was the one cool thing that happened in Texas. Technically, it was between San Antonio and El Paso but we've given it a special spot of its own. At a tiny gas station 4 miles off I-10 we actually ran into Prevent Falls. If you haven't heard of them check it out on Equal Vision. We just played with them in Gainesville at The Fest. In fact, they had the set right after ours. Super awesome guys and they invited us to their show in Phoenix. Would have gone had we weren't on time constraints. We're all good friends with the band they are touring with, As Friends Rust... espcially our driver James. He was in the band for 3 years.

NEW MEXICO - We're all freaked out with each other's driving. Actually, nobody is freaked out by Kyle's (who also came to help out) driving. Steve is uncomfortable driving so he doesn't take any of the turns. After running off the road, Brad is banned from the driver's seat. Every time James drifts out of the lane even a touch and we hear any abnormal road noise, Steve and I cringe and/or gasp. Everybody is worried about me being the next to fall asleep at the wheel. I haven't slept in 4 days so its justified.

CALIFORNIA - We couldn't be happier to have finally arrived. 3/5 of us have never been here. Time to have some fun.