Sunday, 14 July 2002 - 10:07:51 PM EST
LOS ANGELES AND VENTURA - Technical problems and computers have not been nice to us. Our first three shows have been unsatisfying due to certain pieces of equipment not working. Running our show from the ibook was always cake until the hard drive ran raw. Rebuilding that on the road has proven quite a challenge. Sometimes the problems aren't noticable and the response from kids has been amazing. I really can't wait until all of our shit works one of these shows becuase when it does, shit will go off. We've all stepped it up on stage and the shows feel a lot more intense. People associated with the tour have been talking shit about our set up time, but they don't understand that we're having some major issues with equipment right now.

Food has been hard to come by. Some of us are eating leftovers at the catering tent, James and Kyle went to polish silverware for Fat Mike's private dinner last night and were paid with some really good food. Luckily, we were by a grocery store last night and I am currently enjoying some carrots.

The set up at LA Colleseum was kinda weird. Our stage was tucked away in the back but somehow kids still found us and the shows were a lot of fun. It was also our chance to start meeting everyone that is with All of them have been amazingly helpful and they are all really nice. We're definitely looking forward to our next few weeks with the tour.

Ventura was rad too. It's right on the beach and the breeze came over the water and cooled everyone off. We walked across the street and there were so many surfers in the water. It was amazing. Some dicks on the Drive Thru stage... I don't know what band and I don't care... was tuning and sound checking right over our set when our stage was right next to theirs. That's ok, though, because we haven't sold our souls for mall punk.

Sunday, 14 July 2002 - 10:18:27 PM EST
TECHNOLOGY SUCKS - Even more so now. This is the second time I will have typed this shit out. Anyhow my phone was dead for a few days. That's our connection to the internet. Then a pin on the DC board in my ibook broke. There's no charging the computer right now. I wouldn't be on it if we had a show tomorrow becuase its so hard to get it powered. I've been putting the battery in other people's ibooks and charging it that way then putting it back in my computer. We just had the SF shows. I'll write the entry for that soon.

Tuesday, 16 July 2002 - 3:47:19 PM EST
SAN FRANCISCO - As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, we were greeted by two older people. They were telling us about all these big shows that they've worked but they seemed not all there either. The one thing we took away from that conversation was the old man saying, "The coldest winter I ever saw was a summer in San Francisco." He was right. I hadn't packed anything warm at all and these 2 days were incredibly cold. More so than a Gainesville winter at least.

We finally started getting our technical problems sorted out. The shows are getting better and better. People seem more into the newer stuff than the older stuff but hey, I feel the same way they do. I still have yet to hear anything I've sung in a stage monitor so I hope the vocals are okay, but musically everything is getting stronger.

We have yet to see any artwork from Shelby for the new 4 song demos cd. I wish we had them already so people would have copies of our new songs to bring home with them. Anyone done graphic design for films before?

Some long-time friends of Steve and I live in SF now for art school. It's really lucky for us they're here. We actually got picked up at the venue, taken to wal mart for supplies, taken to his apartment for a shower and food, and basically just shown around the city. It's really pretty, but the hills are freaking all of us flat-landers out. I even grew up in Vermont some, and this still seems steep.

Parking here is a total bitch. Leaving the RV here overnight just cost us $50. We need to figure out what to do tonight. We leave for Portland on Wednesday.

Friday, 19 July 2002 - 6:18:12 AM EST
SAN FRANCISCO TO PORTLAND - This is becoming less of a tour journal, and more of a list of things that have gone wrong. Today's mishap: On the way out of SF, the brakes are grinding rather loudly. We decide to stop and have it checked out. Turns out that the front brakes are shot. So we roll into this city so bland I don't think it even had a name. The tire center had pictures of high school students with the pigs they raised.

Hours and hours of lost driving time later, they're replaced. Dale from the tire center takes it around the block to check out his work. Turns out that the rear brakes are screaming just as loudly. So we get back to the tire center and to quote Dale commenting on our drive, "There's no way you woulda made it up there. I can't believe they even rented this to you." That probably marks near-death experience #88 for the tour. We're driving north on Interstate 5 now. This road has some nice scenery. Tomorrow we play a one-off at the Blackbird and from what I'm told we get fed. Looking forward to it.

Also, finally made it to a grocery store to stock up on food. Interesting fact: Cinnamon Toast Crunch in San Francisco is $6.39 for a box. That's about 3 full meals in Gainesville.