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Interview with Aaron Feibus
by Kurt Morris


Kurt: So does everyone around Gainesville and Florida hate you guys since you're not punk or hardcore?

Aaron: It is kind of weird. Our second show was with the Impossibles and Grade. People who show up to see Grade sure as hell don't want to see us. But then again, we played our CD release show with some good friends of ours, As Friends Rust. They're on Doghouse and they're from Gainesville.

Kurt: I just got their CD.

Aaron: Oh yeah, whaddya think?

Kurt: I don't know. I haven't listened to it yet. The next thing to listen to on my list is the new Creed single I just got sent.

Aaron: Oh no! Someone sent that to you?

Kurt: Yeah. I'm on the mailing list for Wind-Up.

Aaron: Oh wow. How long have you been on that list?

Kurt: Like a year or so.

Aaron: Well, Pollen used to be on Wind-Up before they were on Fueled By Ramen. They broke up not too long ago. It's pretty funny because they approached Pollen and told them that they needed them to play love songs or something. They were a pop-punk band and they said to them, "we need you to change your sound." I never thought those stories were actually true.

Kurt: It's funny because I got the new Creed and I was so happy. I mean, it's Creed!

Aaron: That's awesome.

Kurt: Actually, I like some of the dude's lyrics and he's fun to read interviews of.

Aaron: Did you see the "Behind the Music"?

Kurt: No.

Aaron: That was pretty good too.

Kurt: They're an interesting band, but I don't think they're the best thing. But I don't listen to much of the music we get anymore. I send it out to all of our writers.

Aaron: That got old real quick?

Kurt: When you review 30 to 40 CDs a month--I just couldn't do it anymore. I burned out.

Aaron: So, then, what made you listen to some of the stuff that does come through? Like obviously you didn't know what we sounded like before we got the CD.

Kurt: Oh. That was at the tail end of my burning out.

Aaron: Oh really? Yes! So we made the cut!

Kurt: Yeah, you made the cut. Also, I think I knew it was your band and so I wanted to see what it sounded like. It's kind of weird to have a press contact at a label in a band, too, so I was curious.

Aaron: It is kind of weird. Even being a press contact at a label and being in the band--well for instance, I'm glad you wrote me and wanted to do the interview because there's no way I'm gonna contact you and be like, "hey dude, interview my band!"

Kurt: That's what's weird--when you get the one-sheet you'd have to be pretty stupid not to put two and two together and realize it.

Aaron: Actually, I've already talked to some people who didn't make the connection.

Kurt: Are you serious? That's crazy. Anyway, you were saying about how you played with As Friends Rust for your CD release party. Was it both of your CD release parties?

Aaron: Yeah. It was supposed to be. It was a convenient time to have a show, but both of our CDs weren't out yet.

Kurt: Did the show go over pretty well?

Aaron: Yeah, it went awesome. The place where we played wasn't very big and it was a patched together show. And there were flyers out that had two different dates on it. We're lucky. We had 125 kids there and the place was 150 capacity. We're both kind of new bands starting out and to have that kind of draw where you're still considered a "local band" is pretty good. You definitely don't get the attention that Hot Water Music would.

Kurt: Would they still draw in a lot of people?

Aaron: Oh yeah. Their shows are big here. That's great for them and they work hard and deserve it. I'm not comparing us or As Friends Rust to them.

Kurt: The Aeffect is the next Hot Water Music!

Aaron: Nah. I don't think Steve could grow a beard.


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