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Interview with Aaron Feibus
by Kurt Morris


Kurt: Do you put it through something to play?

Aaron: No, it's actually gonna sound just like a guitar. I'm actually going to be playing through a pod, though. Do you know what those are?

Kurt: No.

Aaron: Pods are incredible. They're little devices that are round and about ten inches in diameter. They're six inches high and it emulates amps. It has 10 different heads and 10 different cabinets and you pretty much mix and match and get your sound. They sound pretty nice. I know Weezer uses them now instead of amplifiers. They sound really neat and I think that if I was hiding it and I asked you if I was playing through an amp or a pod, you could never tell. And it's a lot easier to carry around, too. It blends in pretty well. It's something new and it'll make it fuller. It adds pretty well where we use it. We're not over-using it. But yeah, did I tell you what our live show is like yet?

Kurt: *laughs* Uh, yeah, you kind of did. You talked about how you moved around and stuff.

Aaron: Let me tell you. At first, when we first started playing out we were stiffs because we had spent the first six months or so just writing. When you don't play out the whole time, you're used to just sitting in one spot and playing. It was boring for us and it was boring for the people at the shows. The more you do it, the better you get. We're playing a lot of shows and we're getting a lot better. It's pretty sad to say, but up to this point we haven't played out of Gainesville. We've had lots of requests and offers from people, but we haven't had transportation. We're all poor. I've been living in Fueled By Ramen, literally. I don't have a house in order to save money to buy equipment for the band. It kind of sucks to not have a kitchen or a bed.

Kurt: You are literally being fueled by ramen.

Aaron: Yeah, but I can't even boil water to make it. What I'm eating is a lot of Taco Bell. There's a lot of really cheap pizza in Gainesville since it's a college town. You can eat cheap here. When we first started playing, we all had small sedans and we'd divide the equipment and bring it to the shows. Well, as we got more and more stuff now we bring it in the sedans and that kid who was originally in the band who is the 80s DJ, we pay him per show to put stuff in his Chevy Blazer.

Kurt: You poor kids.

Aaron: The exciting news is that I have really good credit. I just got a nice loan which is going to keep me in debt for the next five years. So, I bought a van from Pollen. Since they're broken up they don't need it. It's a '97, it's young, low miles, holds 15 passengers and it's a V10. It's a beast. I'm psyched.

Kurt: A question I really wanted to make sure I asked you is: do you prefer Phil Collins solo or do you prefer Genesis? Are you a Genesis fan at all?

Aaron: I like Genesis. I think I do prefer Phil Collins solo, though.

Kurt: What about the other members of the band solo? Mike & the Mechanics and Peter Gabriel?

Aaron: I was a big fan of Peter Gabriel, but then he went weird.

Kurt: What about Mike & the Mechanics?

Aaron: I think I'd still have to say that Phil Collins comes out on top. Although to me it seems that he's going that Elton John direction now, which I don't really approve of. He writes shit for Disney movie soundtracks. You know, songs that blow but 45 year old dads will love them.

Kurt: *in semi-grandpa voice* This one's for my daughter.

Aaron: Yeah, make sure she's listening to something non-threatening.

Kurt: I've been listening to some Genesis stuff lately and I'm just thinking that they've got some wicked keyboard parts.

Aaron: Oh yeah, don't get me wrong. Genesis is amazing. It depends on what era of Genesis you're talking about. Peter Gabriel's always weird, so he's got that whole thing at the beginning where they were boring so he started dressing up as a flower. Some of that stuff is technically and creatively responsible for a lot of the music that came out after it.

Kurt: I like 90s Genesis stuff.

Aaron: The stuff I'm more into is the more earlier stuff.

Kurt: "We Can't Dance" is my favorite.

Aaron: I like pop Genesis, but I just think that "out-there" Genesis has had a greater impact on music as a whole. I respect that. Bands like Led Zeppelin or Kraftwerk or bands that change or shape music.

Kurt: Like the Aeffect?!

Aaron: Uh, not really.

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