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12/ 05/02


Kevin: In six words or less, describe your Warped Tour experience
Steve: Too much mall punk for me
Brad: Great to play for new crowd
Aaron: Warped tour was ok
Aaron: I was so tired throughout the entire thing I had to go back and read my tour journal just to figure out what happened
Steve: Six words or less Aaron
Kevin: Yeah you broke the rules
Aaron: That is six words
Brad: not 24
Aaron: Just cut out the spaces
Brad: Punk rocks kids are fun
Aaron: Okay hm 6 words
Steve: Or less!
Brad: Catering
Kevin: I will also accept a limerick if you wish to exceed your limit
Brad: Production girls
Steve: Babble doesn't count Brad
Aaron: Hot thirsty hungry tired poor amazing
Aaron: That's 6
Brad: or less
Steve: nice one

Kevin: What was the most inane dish you served at catering?
Steve: Wasabi mashed potatoes
Kevin: Yes!  Strangest dish ever.
Aaron: Yeah those were sick
Aaron: But even worse than those were the VEGAN wasabi mashed potatoes
Steve: I had those too
Aaron: ecch
Aaron: I don't think the people know that we worked catering
Kevin: Well tell me about it then
Aaron: How many words do I get?
Kevin: 64
Aaron: Okay so we were poor right and it's hard to buy food when you're poor so we'd get our set times in the morning and then try and go over and serve lunch and/or dinner if we didn't have to play
Steve: Sometimes we got our set times in the morning, sometimes we got them in the afternoon
Steve: We ran late sometimes
Steve: You might recall, Kevin
Kevin: I faintly remember
Aaron: Yeah sometimes we didn't get there till 3pm or so
Aaron: I think that was toward the end
Kevin: By the end of the tour I was conscious between 7am and 11am, and that was it
Brad: haha
Steve: Aaron and I stayed up all night every night
Aaron: With a load in of 7am we quickly became "tour favorites"
Aaron: I think Brad was conscious while he played and loaded
Aaron: But he slept for 6 weeks straight otherwise
Steve: He slept a lot on the road
Aaron: Yeah even while driving
Steve: hahaha
Brad: eh, heh
Kevin: I'm familiar with that process
Kevin: I call it "highway hallucinations"
Steve: As a consequence he is banned from driving forever
Aaron: That is actually true
Aaron: I however am NOT familiar
Aaron: I never fell asleep at the wheel
Steve: Because I'll be there next to you keeping you up
Aaron: Yeah well you fell asleep too
Aaron: In the strangest positions too
Steve: Not at the wheel
Aaron: Yeah that's true you did good driving
Aaron: Steve would have his neck like wedged in the armrest or something weird
Aaron: and wake up all in pain

Kevin: What was in your stereo to keep you awake?
Steve: Nothing when Aaron drove
Aaron: My trick is to drive with silence
Aaron: It forces me to focus on the road.
Steve: I think that trick sucks!
Kevin: That sounds like torture!
Steve: Good call
Aaron: Yes but driver always has the say
Kevin: I just drank coffee
Aaron: I did that too on occasion
Aaron: But I hate coffee
Kevin: I think its harsh taste is what makes it so effective
Steve: Actually we listened to a lot of stuff
Steve: We looked for good early 80s radio
Steve: And listed to mp3s and my cds
Aaron: Oh yeah our tape player broke
Aaron: And so that was a bummer
Kevin: You ever find any good 80's radio?
Steve: Ohio
Aaron: Yeah Ohio had good radio
Kevin: Wow, because I really thought Ohio sucked
Steve: Ohio good
Steve: Aaron and I listened to wussy stuff
Aaron: Yeah we like a lot of really awesome music
Brad: How bout South Carolina radio, late night
Aaron: South Carolina radio was MESSED UP
Aaron: It was a prayer show and this preacher was having listeners pray for some lady that was selling her car

Kevin: Alright now let's hear your favorite 80's songs... you have to have some
Steve: hmmm
Aaron: Pitchfork just did top albums of the 80s
Aaron: I might take a second and peruse the list
Kevin: Alright let's try it this way....

Kevin: Duran Duran or the Human League?
Steve: Human League
Aaron: Human League
Steve: But they only had one good record
Aaron: yeah they were in and out
Aaron: spotty
Aaron: I love Devo's "Beautiful World"
Steve: The Cure, "The Walk"

Kevin: Flock of Seagulls or Madness?
Steve: Flock of Seagulls - "Spaceage Lovesong"
Aaron: Flock of Seagulls probably
Aaron: Of course the early Depeche Mode stuff
Brad: INXS, the Swing, earlier stuff
Aaron: Pet Shop Boys
Aaron: Oh yeah there's our other half too though...
Aaron: Guns N Roses
Aaron: Motley Crue
Aaron: I was into Poison a lot
Brad: Pixies
Steve: When I say we were listening to 80s radio I meant early 80s
Brad: Michael Jackson
Aaron: MJ fo shizzle
Aaron: also
Aaron: Run DMC
Aaron: Beastie Boys
Aaron: Kool Moe Dee


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