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12/ 05/02


Kevin: Can we get the awful truth on the Good Charlotte fight?
Steve: No.
Aaron: No.
Kevin: Fine.
Aaron: We don't talk about that, sorry.
Kevin: Oh not even to me?!
Aaron: Well you and your whole readership
Aaron: So I guess yeah basically you
Aaron: ohhhhh dayum!
Kevin: BURN
Aaron: Can I get a what what Steve?
Kevin: You might as well insult my mom
Aaron: No need to, she does a fine job of that herself
Aaron: Sorry Kevin you challenged me

Kevin: Was Lando Calrissian a backstabbing son of a bitch or a real people person?
Steve: I liked Lando
Aaron: Lando was cool
Aaron: But he did have a smile that couldn't be trusted
Steve: He was trying to make the best of a bad situation
Kevin: That sounds like something Lando would say!
Steve: And he did help rescue Han Solo for like 3 years

Kevin: How hard is it to play guitar while hanging upside down?
Aaron: Steve do you want to field this one?
Steve: Not that hard
Steve: Just practice
Aaron: Yeah it's not hard
Aaron: But I never practiced that before
Kevin: How about playing keyboard while laying down?
Steve: Hard
Steve: At least hard when also having a seizure
Kevin: And you know from experience?
Steve: Did you see the way I dance?
Aaron: I actually was scared when playing guitar upside down. You can't see in the photo but there's not stage under me. It drops all the way to the asphalt
Steve: Scary
Kevin: Yeah, that's DC for you
Aaron: Yeah Steve freaks on the keyboard all the time
Aaron: I sometimes think I need to go over and put my fingers down his throat
Aaron: Which is better than what I usually put down his throat
Steve: You're gross
Aaron: What man
Steve: And weird
Aaron: I always share my french fries with you
Aaron: What did you think I was talking about
Aaron: Weirdo
Steve: Whatever, Brad's the weirdo
Steve: Debt!
Steve: Come on
Aaron: Poor kid isn't even here anymore to defend himself
Steve: He's off giving a speech on debt!

Kevin: Let's hear about any recording and/or touring plans in the near future
Steve: We want to release an EP and full length this spring
Aaron: Well EP first of all yeah
Steve: Also a 12inch of the two EPs
Aaron: We're going to record the full length hopefully in January
Aaron: The 12 inch is all but confirmed
Steve: Touring is tentative on the releases and what we are offered
Kevin: You have a label to put it out?
Aaron: It'll be on Honest in Secret from Ohio
Steve: Top secret!
Aaron: I blew it
Aaron: Was that top secret?
Steve: Not that but the cds are top secret still
Kevin: Is this the 12" or the EP?
Aaron: Well I'm not telling about the cds
Steve: 12inch
Aaron: The 12" has A Short Dream on one side
Aaron: And the new cd EP on the other side
Kevin: But someone else will be putting out the EP?
Steve: yes
Aaron: yes
Steve: Top secret
Steve: Still
Kevin: alright
Steve: alright
Aaron: alright
Aaron: We should be recording the full length in January though
Steve: That's top secret too
Aaron: yeah
Kevin: alright
Steve: alright
Aaron: alright

Kevin: Any hot office gossip from Fueled By Ramen that you wish to spread?
Steve: John Janick and Vinnie are getting married
Steve: In the Bahamas
Steve: In February
Steve: You're the first ones to know
Kevin: Quite a privilege
Steve: I am kidding, right Aaron?
Aaron: I am thinking
Aaron: I have a naughty picture of someone there. That's all I can really say
Aaron: Although I guess that would be a hot item on ebay or something?
Steve: Elisha?
Aaron: Can't say
Steve: Oh.... You'll say
Aaron: But it involves only a sticker over something's private(s)

Steve: One more question....


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