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12/ 05/02


Kevin: ummmmm..... How's the weather been in Florida?
Steve: Wet
Aaron: Wet right now. Not sure though I just got back from Vermont where it was -4 F our last day there

Aaron: What do you think Kevin are we goofy?  What band would you compare us to personality-wise?
Steve: He's been to 'nam with us Aaron
Steve: He knows were nuts
Kevin: Marilyn Manson
Steve: That's what I've been saying!
Kevin: any more questions for me?
Aaron: should I have any?
Kevin: Yes. These interviews are so one sided

Aaron: Where ever did you come up with your screen name?
Aaron: I can't figure out what it means
Kevin: 4th grade
Kevin: I decided to fuse the first three letters of my first and last names
Aaron: And fuse they have
Kevin: Sadly the name stuck

Aaron: What is the one person above all other people that you want to punch in the gut
Kevin: My co-worker
Kevin: he says "crap ass" too much
Aaron: What is his email address?
Kevin: I'll find it out for you

Aaron: What did you want to be when you were in elementary school?
Kevin: I was a realist in elementary school and knew that professional kickball player was not a viable career option
Kevin: This is why I am an engineer and don't really like it
Kevin: And once I graduate I am going to go work for a record label and start a band like you!
Aaron: If you could go back and change what kinds of things would you like to try instead?
Kevin: I would major in communication, because it is easy
Aaron: Communications not my thing
Kevin: Nor mine, that's why some school training might help

Aaron: What instrument(s) do you play?
Kevin: I "play" like seven instruments, but am not good at any
Aaron: I could probably say the same thing for myself
Kevin: But if you ever need a trumpet player, I might be able to help you out

Aaron: That's pretty keen to be able to observe yourself in that way though
Kevin: That's probably an ability I've gained in the last three weeks
Aaron: An important one regardless, and fairly rare
Kevin: Well thank you sir
Aaron: the pleasure has been all mine

Kevin: Alright I'll ask one last question for this interview....  On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this interview?
Aaron: It's a 6
Aaron: It was fun
Aaron: But we blab too much
Aaron: I need to work on my blab factor
Kevin: That's not a problem at all
Kevin: Blab makes for more interesting interviews
Aaron: Well you did great on your part
Aaron: That's the 5 points
Kevin: I'd like those in the form of scene points
Aaron: And then we get one
Aaron: Because Steve and I said the same thing 10 times
Aaron: That gets .1 points each time
Kevin: I'd rate you guys higher than that!!
Aaron: Aw shucks
Kevin: At least you answered my questions
Kevin: Unlike some
Aaron: You're a sweetie

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