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12/ 05/02


Kevin: Alright was Michael Jackson better before or after Thriller?
Steve: Before
Aaron: Everything up until Thriller
Aaron: You have to include Thriller
Steve: "Off the Wall" is a great song
Kevin: Thriller is a given
Steve: We actually have worked on a cover of "Thriller"
Steve: I love the Smiths
Aaron: I liked David Bowie a lot back in the day too
Steve: But his best is in the 70s
Steve: His stuff with Brian Eno
Aaron: But the 80s is still very good
Aaron: "Let's Dance," "China Girl"

Kevin: Morrissey with the Smiths or Morrissey solo?
Steve: Smiths is better
Aaron: Smiths I agree again
Steve: But I'm burnt out b/c of 80s nights
Aaron: Apparently Brad doesn't have an opinion?
Steve: So I'd rather hear Morrissey solo
Brad: No, I'd definitely go with the Smiths

Kevin: Try one more - the Cars or New Order?
Aaron: That is really tough but I'll go with New Order
Steve: New Order
Aaron: They were consistently solid
Steve: More consistent
Brad: Maybe New Order, but undecided
Steve: Aaron stop copying me
Aaron: Cars have an amazing greatest hits
Aaron: You're copying me
Aaron: Mne went first
Aaron: But Cars albums are hit and miss from track to track

Kevin: Did it look like I was having a good time on Warped Tour?
Aaron: No
Brad: You seemed a bit pre occupied at times
Steve: No
Brad: Like dealing with everything at Punkrocks
Brad: Or shall I say, the Warped Tour people
Kevin: Strike 1, 2 and 3
Aaron: You were in a trance, man
Kevin: By the end I was
Aaron: Lots of responsibility on you though
Kevin: I have to admit, most Warped Tour people sucked
Aaron: So it's understandable
Kevin: Once Herb the water guy quit the tour.........
Brad: Didn't he get fired?

Kevin: Member of our crew that seemed to be having the best time:
Aaron: Joyce
Brad: yeah
Steve: yup
Brad: Always in a good mood
Kevin: That was too easy
Aaron: I don't think you could rub that smile off with a sandblaster
Brad: Crystal too
Steve: yup
Brad: She was pretty rad
Aaron: Yeah Crystal was happy but she had moments of frustration
Aaron: I caught her
Kevin: We all did
Kevin: Those were also the two that never had to drive the van!

Kevin: How did CMJ go?
Steve: Great
Steve: We rivaled our New Jersey Warped show for insanity
Steve: I had whiplash the next day
Kevin: How many things were broken?
Steve: I said rivaled
Steve: Nothing broke
Kevin: No drumheads even?
Steve: Yeah
Steve: We took out the bass drum head
Kevin: No pyro?
Steve: Too much smoke for indoors
Kevin: How was the crowd?
Steve: Really good
Steve: We were playing against the Bright Eyes showcase and (International) Noise conspiracy showcase
Steve: And we still filled up the room
Steve: So we were very stoked
Steve: Why weren't you at CMJ?
Kevin: I was in Las Vegas
Kevin: I was likely intoxicated and losing money at blackjack the exact moment you guys went on
Steve: Awesome
Steve: I'm a good gambler
Kevin: What's your best game?
Steve: I'm up $1400 for lifetime
Kevin: wow
Steve: Probably blackjack and roulette
Steve: At home I like Guts, Texas Holdem, and Acey Duecy

Kevin: Give me three reasons not to rent an RV from Cruise America
Steve: Death
Aaron: Death
Aaron: Shut up sissy
Aaron: I say death
Steve: I say
Steve: You copy
Aaron: Okay reason number 2
Aaron: It breaks every day
Steve: Air conditioning
Aaron: Yeah no a/c was bad too
Aaron: They didn't change oil before we took it out
Steve: There was no oil when we went to get it changed
Aaron: I HATE YOU!
Steve: You copy me
Aaron: We found out 3000 miles into the tour that there was no oil in the engine whatsoever
Kevin: Alright I've heard 3 reasons
Steve: More
Aaron: haha mooooooore!
Kevin: Alright give me 9 more reasons
Aaron: The ceiling fell down
Aaron: The window fell apart
Aaron: The locks on the back broke
Steve: The generator broke
Steve: The tires were bald
Aaron: Yeah tire blew
Steve: The tires blew out
Steve: argggh
Aaron: Brakes had to be replaced
Steve: No brakes
Steve: At all
Steve: Smelled bad
Aaron: Fridge broke
Kevin: Just keep going, no one's counting
Aaron: Table broke countless times
Steve: Smelled bad
Aaron: I think every door on the cabinets broke
Steve: Did I say bad gas mileage?
Kevin: You just did
Steve: Battery dies a few times
Steve: Rough ride
Aaron: Very rough
Aaron: Very noisy
Aaron: Seasick in the back room
Aaron: Brad's driving
Aaron: Shower leaked all over our merch
Steve: Just never let Brad drive
Aaron: yeah


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