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Interview by: Stijn Daenens from
12/ 05/02

Sin 1: Gluttony
Stiijn: Foodwise: In our modern society, more and more people are suffering from weight problems. Do you think this is a thing forced upon young folks by the media/society, do some people just eat too much or do they eat in a wrong/disbalanced way, causing their problem?

Aaron: Weight onlly became a problem once people started bringing so much attention to it and so much emphasis has been put on being skinny.

Stiijn: Is there any food you can’t keep your hands off and eat until you have to go puke, or are you someone who is always working out and looking for a nice body to show on stage?

Aaron: yes actually. im a sucker for chocolate. i gorged myself on it only half an hour ago. feel like im gonna lose it too.

Stiijn: Drinkwise: Beer, wine, liquors: are these your things? Or do you respect the Straight-edge ethics more? What's your opinion about the Vegan and Staright-edge way? Are they people that denie their heritage, do you respect them for what they are and do, or couldn't you be bothered less?

Aaron: im not so into the drinking or meat eating but i wouldn’t necessarily associate myself with the vegans or the straight edge. those are both groups with pre-decided rules and if i decide to have a drink once a year or something then i do it. if i want a piece of fish i eat it. i suppose i respect what they do. there is no reason not to.

Stiijn: Musicwise: Are you listening to music a lot even after touring or recording? I understand that you listen to music a lot because you’re in a band, but I have the impression that a lot of these bandmembers seem to be burned-out and don’t listen to a lot of stuff “after their hours”. Also I have the impression that a lot of people in punkbands actually don’t listen to punkstuff.

Aaron: yeah i am listening to a lot of music right now. i dont think we’re necessarily a punk band and i definitely am not listening to punk stuff. mostly like slowreader, mercury rev, kings of convenience, grandaddy etc.

Stiijn: Do you guys have the urge to tour all the time? No matter what city, country, you have to have been there sometime? Or does touring make you homesick enough to want to step into a plane right back on the route home?

Aaron: i have the urge to tour always, however it hasnt become reality we in all honesty just cant afford to go out at this point. need to try to find a way to lighten the monthly load on bills

Sin 1: Gluttony
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