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Interview by: Stijn Daenens from
12/ 05/02

Sin 2: Greed
Stijn: Reflecting this on the punkscene, do you consider it wise for a punkband to sign a record deal with major labels? I know this question is as old as punkrock is, but it seems like this is still an important issue to many.

Aaron: a band should do what is important to the band. if huge commercial popularity and money etc are the most important things then definitely yes. i am personally skeptical about majors but it would be stupid to rule out without hearing them out first.

Stijn: Are you a materialist (do you need luxury?) or do you consider yourself a person who is pleased with the basic essentials in life. Are you the kind of person that just buys whatever comes to mind or that you happen to like, no matter what the cost? or are you really hesitant before spending any money?

Aaron: Luxury is one thing, making ends meet is another . definitely need to make ends meet and luxury is nice but not necessary

Stijn: What's the first thing you would do with the money if you had you just won the lottery?

Aaron: pay off any / all debts

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