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Interview by: Stijn Daenens from
12/ 05/02

Sin 5: Wrath
Stijn: Was there ever a moment in your life you were that angry you (wanted to) start a fight?

Aaron: yeah i have been in fights. my temper gets the best of me from time to time.

Stijn: Going politics: Do you support the US world-politics, acting like they do against terrorism, taking a role as world leaders? Do you think Bush is sane? (sorry if this sounds a bit prejudiced).

Aaron: george bush fucking sucks. im not too happy with most of the politics going on in the usa right now.

Stijn: If there's one person you were allowed to do with as you please, whom would it be, and what would you do?

Aaron: space ghost. id be a guest on his talk show.

Stijn: In the current global situation, with suicide bombings every day, do you think people have the right to retaliate for so-called injustices that fell upon them? Imagine yourself in their position, what would you do?

Aaron: i am not sure how you mean this question so i wont take a stab at it

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