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Interview by: Stijn Daenens from
12/ 05/02

Sin 6: Pride
Stijn: What has been the moment in your life when you felt most proud?

Aaron: i still think it goes back to high school soccer. a winning goal.

Stijn: What’s the work (CD, EP, …) you did with the band that you are most proud of?

Aaron: i am most proud of our new demos that have yet to be released. i like the ep as well but it’s not representative of who we are at the moment

Stijn: Why is it, you think, that people who produce punkmusic seem to overcome the 25-year old barrier, while their fans all seem to go other directions after their teens? (not really a pride-thing, but I just had to slip this question in somewhere).

Aaron: i think the bands play a style when they are younger and their fans are consistently looking for that style from them. they are afraid to change and do something new and experimental that would appeal to more people. the flaming lips are an example of a successful experimentation.

Stijn: Do you feel proud when someone tells you you are sounding punk, or do you feel like you’re much more than that. Maybe you don’t even want to be related with the whole thing?

Aaron: yeah i dont like that much. i think the best compliments i get is either “ i had a lot of fun” or “that was really good”

Stijn: Do you think that the clothes make the man. i mean this in a Punk-related way. Do you think someone has the right to call himself Punk if he listens to the music and dresses like regular punks do? Or is there more to it?

Aaron: the sad thing is that although the answer to this question is no, the time tested truth is that it matters a lot. kids are looking for someone who “looks their sound” it’s complete bullshit.

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