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Interview by: Stijn Daenens from
12/ 05/02

Sin 3: Sloth
Stijn: I suppose this is a sin a lot of youngsters are suffering from. Do you consider yourself lazy?

Aaron: would definitely not consider myself lazy. do 11+ hr a day at my normal job and then the band also

Stijn: Sloth also means: not fast. In today’s punkrock scene; you see an evolution towards very calm, emotional music that is tolerated by many punks (cfr. Dashboard Confessional, Appleseed Cast and the likes). Can you relate to that? Do you think this indeed has anything to do with punkrock anyway?

Aaron: i think that this is irrelevant

Stijn: Was there any time in your life when you just wanted all the rest to disappear, so you could just relax for one moment? Or are you more the Live Fast Die Young type of person?

Aaron: definitely enjoy being around so not the second option and yeah i do want some time for rest and relaxation

Stijn: More and more youngsters spend a whole lot of time before the Computer and TV instead of going outside to paly with friends. How do you see that evolve, and what would you do to prevent this if you had any children?

Aaron: i am guilty of this. i use the computer a great deal at work and away from it. i do try and get out and do some activity when i can. the girl friend and i play a lot of basketball

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