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Interview by: Stijn Daenens from
12/ 05/02

Sin 7: Lust (saving the best for last)
Stijn: I won’t be asking if you ever DID take advantage of a situation (I think that would be a bit too personal), but is it true that bands on the road easily find girls to spend the night with? What is the most gross thing you came across regarding this?

Aaron: knowing a lot of bands, it seems true that bands on the road do want to hook up here and there. i think it’s kind of lame. i dont have any specific story, but all in all band members on the road are completely nasty. if youre going to invite one home with you make them shower first.

Stijn: What is your opinion about groupies that would do anything just to get a chance to get closer to the person they idolise?

Aaron: they are confused or misled. “celebrities” are boring.

Stijn: Where do you think the most beautiful girls in the world are living?

Aaron: well aside from my girflriend from s. pasadena, ca, i would say to check out new york city. everybody is so hip there that even the not so stylish girls look good because they are so fashionable.

Stijn: What is the ideal woman/man for you? Describe her.

Aaron: 5’11” brown hair , mixed ethnicity, good sense of humor, shares some of my ideals but definitely not all of them. loves me back

Stijn: It is obvious that the net is stuffed with X-rated sites. Do you happen to visit them by """"accident"""? And do you think such sites can really be helpfull in such a way that they can be an outlet for some person that might otherwise take more extreme measures (like rape, going to an escort company)?

Aaron: the sites are a waste of bandwidth and peoples money. disregarding those facts i am kind of for them, if thats what someone needs to get off. i am not personally a big fan of sites like that and i do not think it helps prevent sexual crimes.

Stijn: If you have any DESIRE to compliment on an untruth about your band that is traveling around the world. Or if you desire to say something to the people reading this that has never been questionned, here's your chance to do it.

Aaron: we’re really friendly personal type people give me a call anytime 352.514.0975

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